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Meet us @ RBMA PaRADigm


We are excited to have you join us at the upcoming RBMA Paradigm in Hollywood, Florida. We are Alpha Nodus, and we would like to introduce you to the most advanced automation platform specifically designed to automate the unique and complex workflows in diagnostic imaging that will work with your existing Radiology Information System.

Challenges in diagnostic imaging

Today, diagnostic imaging providers face a multitude of challenges. From a labor shortage making it difficult to fill positions in scheduling and prior authorization departments to manual insurance eligibility verification and determining a patient estimate for exams, the prior authorization process alone can be a manual and error-prone process that directly impacts revenue. These complex manual workflows are executed by human resources and are subject to human errors, staff calling out, and the plain and simple shortage of staff. Furthermore, these last-minute cancellations and rescheduling of exams due to not getting prior authorization in time, and no-shows can further complicate an already difficult situation resulting in low resource utilization thus hurting profitability. It is clear that diagnostic imaging providers face a unique set of challenges daily, and it demands a comprehensive solution that addresses all the challenges to ensure their long-term success.

Gravity automates your workflow

Introducing Gravity! the most advanced Artificial Intelligence powered platform that provides the perfect solution to the challenges diagnostic imaging providers face today. Gravity automates eligibility, estimates, and prior authorization without requiring any human intervention. It also interacts and communicates with patients to help them automatically reschedule appointments, removing the need for staff to manually do so, and freeing up time to be used in patient care. This is the perfect solution to the labor shortage, manual errors, cancellations, and no-shows that diagnostic imaging providers deal with daily. With Gravity, they can now focus on providing the best patient care while still ensuring that their facility is running efficiently.

See how it works

We invite you to schedule a private meeting with us to experience Gravity AI and see how Gravity can automate and accelerate your patient journey and revenue cycle. As a special RBMA promotion, we are offering a free trial for you to experience the power of Gravity AI. So scan the code! or email us to book your time and take that first step towards transforming your imaging center. We hope to see you in Hollywood!




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