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Turn Faxes to Digital Orders Paperless Efficiently with Gravity

Embrace the future with Gravity Docs – the pioneering solution that fully automates your document handling from fax receipt to order intake, revolutionizing indexing and linking with cutting-edge AI efficiency.

Your Bottleneck 

In the era of digital advancement, healthcare still grapples with the outdated, fax-reliant processes that initiate every patient's diagnostic imaging journey. An already scarce labor force works through mountains of faxes - sorting, categorizing, indexing, and painstakingly entering data into EMRs.



Of all orders

are hand written



Orders never get

Outdated Arsenal

Amidst healthcare's interoperability gaps and stringent privacy demands, the antiquated fax machine persists—our unified solution paves the way for secure, seamless digital integration.

With a critical labor shortage hitting healthcare, the industry faces a pressing need for automated solutions to tackle the deluge of fax management, sorting, and data entry tasks.

Resource Strain

Document Disarray

Diagnostic imaging is inherently unpredictable. Equipment fails, patients cancel, and the best-laid plans can go awry. Without a system to navigate these turbulent waters, you’re left navigating blind.

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An Expert Deciphering Messy Handwriting,  With A Love For Order Entry, Supercharged By Automation Of Gravity

Meet Sasha.


Sasha, paired with Gravity Doc's smart technology, identifies and categorizes document types with remarkable precision, ensuring seamless information flow.

Auto Linking

Gravity Docs and Sasha excel in pinpointing the exact patient for each document, instantly and accurately attaching it to the corresponding patient file.

Order Creation

With Sasha's advanced cognition, Gravity Docs effortlessly transforms written words into digital orders, redefining data entry efficiency.

Instantly Searchable

Gravity ensures every document it processes becomes instantly searchable, delivering immediate access with zero human intervention.


Sasha's cutting-edge technology deciphers even the most intricate handwritten notes, flawlessly transcribing them into clear, actionable digital records.

Team Player

A sidekick to your human workforce while also connecting effortlessly with other AI’s like Gravity Flow’s Sandra and Gravity Auth’s Susan.

Gravity Doc & Sasha Ensure No Orders Are Missed, No Clinicals are Lost



Classification accuracy



Average Processing Time for Documents


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