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Alpha Nodus Elevating Atlantic Medical Imaging’s Scheduling & Prior Authorization Workflow with...

[Sunrise, November 22nd] - Alpha Nodus, a leading innovator in healthcare technology, proudly announces a transformative collaboration with Atlantic Medical Imaging, one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of imaging services, AMI has strategically chosen Alpha Nodus’s GravityAI to revolutionize their scheduling and prior authorization processes, reinforcing their commitment to delivering efficient and patient-focused diagnostic imaging services.

AMI's Selection of Alpha Nodus Gravity: A Game-Changer in Prior Authorizations

Facing the escalating demands of prior authorizations in a rapidly growing network, AMI recognized the need for an advanced solution to augment their staff and accelerate the velocity of prior authorization approvals. After careful evaluation, AMI chose Alpha Nodus Gravity for its unparalleled capabilities in automating prior authorization workflows.

Swift Integration and Seamless Operation

One of the key strengths of Alpha Nodus’s Gravity is its seamless integration into AMI's Radiology Information System (RIS). The integration process was fast and remarkably smooth, ensuring that Gravity's functionality seamlessly aligns with AMI's existing workflows. Integrating Gravity directly into the RIS worklists played a pivotal role in the swift deployment, enabling a hassle-free adoption process for the AMI team.

“Through close collaboration with the Alpha Nodus team, we were able to effectively communicate our processes and challenges, leading to the successful implementation of Gravity. Our team of authorization agents were really impressed with Gravity, thanks to its intuitive interface, friendly user experience and effortless integration. The integration is so smooth that we can conveniently access Gravity information directly from our RIS worklists, eliminating the need for cumbersome navigation,” stated AMI’s President Daniel Seiders, emphasizing the user-centric design and the effortless integration achieved.

Quicker Authorizations and Real-Time Update

AMI has witnessed a substantial improvement in the speed of their prior authorizations since implementing Gravity. The AI-powered platform constantly monitors authorization statuses and promptly updates the RIS, ensuring that the AMI team has real-time information at their fingertips. This rapid feedback loop significantly reduces delays and enhances the overall efficiency of the prior authorization process.

Strategic Process Evolution: Automating the Repetitive, Empowering the Staff

The deployment of Alpha Nodus’s GravityAI prompted AMI to reevaluate its operational processes. Gravity's automation capabilities have notably reduced the need for daily manual checks on basic prior authorizations. This efficiency gain allows AMI staff to redirect their focus towards more complex and challenging authorization tasks, resulting in a more strategic workflow.

“Gravity’s remarkable automation capabilities have improved our operations, significantly enhancing staff efficiency. By relieving our team from the burden of mundane daily checks, Gravity has empowered them to delve into more complex and fulfilling aspects of the authorization process. This reduction in repetitive tasks has enabled our team to channel their efforts towards the intricacies of the authorization process,” highlighted Seiders, emphasizing the profound positive impact on staff engagement and job satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Results: Shrinkage in Authorization Backlogs

Since the implementation of Gravity, AMI has experienced a significant reduction in the backlog of exams awaiting prior authorization. The automation of basic and repetitive tasks has expedited the entire process, allowing for a more streamlined workflow and quicker delivery of imaging services to patients.

Alpha Nodus CEO on the Success with AMI

Shamit Patel, CEO of Alpha Nodus, reflected on the collaboration with humility and admiration, saying, "It is a profound honor to have been selected by AMI for this pivotal transformation of their prior authorization processes. The remarkable success of Gravity at AMI is not just a testament to its adaptability across various healthcare settings, but more importantly, it shines a light on AMI's visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their trust in our solution has enabled us to demonstrate tangible improvements in efficiency, speed, and most significantly, in empowering the dedicated staff who are at the heart of healthcare delivery."

Looking Ahead: A Future of Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Care

As Alpha Nodus continues to collaborate with healthcare providers like AMI, the future promises further innovations and advancements in healthcare technology. The success of Alpha Nodus Gravity at AMI serves as a testament to the impact of AI-powered solutions in streamlining operations, reducing manual workload, and ultimately improving patient care.

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About Alpha Nodus

Alpha Nodus is a trailblazer in healthcare technology, committed to enhancing patient care through innovative solutions. Their flagship product, Gravity, leverages AI to streamline workflows, optimize operations, and deliver unparalleled efficiency in healthcare processes.

About Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI)

Atlantic Medical Imaging (AMI) is a quality-driven medical imaging practice committed to clinical excellence by providing innovative service and compassionate care. With more than 65 board certified radiologist with extensive training in various medical subspecialties, 800 staff members and 23 office locations in Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Monmouth Counties, AMI is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of imaging services in New Jersey. For more information, call 609-677-XRAY (9729), or visit


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