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About Alpha Nodus

Alpha Nodus was founded in 2015 after the founders' unfortunate encounter with the healthcare system. We have all experienced waiting for days in pain, or worse, in suspense for a diagnosis while we wait for our doctors appointment. It was eye-opening to learn that valuable clinical capacity, so desperately needed, goes to waste every day due to inefficiencies in dealing with patient journey. Alpha Nodus was born out of necessity to eliminate every delay and bottleneck between the patient and the provider to deliver our vision of just-in-time care. Gravity AI is our first step towards our mission to automate and accelerate every patient's journey from booking appointments to the exam room.​

Just-in-time Care

The future we see is where everyone gets the care they need when they need it. 

Automate & Accelerate Every Patient Journey

Our mission is to help our customers to automate every step from scheduling an appointment till the patient gets to the practitioner while accelerating the journey.


We have the will to win and dominate


We take down Goliath by changing the game

Customer success

We obsess over our customers' needs. When our customers win, we win.

Do your mission with passion. Hand turns dice and changes the name _mission_ to _passion_.
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