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We see a future where...

We created a digital workforce

Gravity automates the routine

So you can focus on more important human-centric tasks like patient care and patient engagement. While Gravity completes the routine tasks with automation

Helps you handle exceptions

Gravity includes a suite of assistive tools to help you handle the exceptions that automation failed to complete, speeding up your ability to complete the tasks quickly and accurately 


Gravity is the most advanced AI solution
to automate
Prior Authorization & Schedule Utilization

male hand pushes a piece of wood with text Eligibility from other pieces of wood.jpg

Eligibility & Estimates

Prior authorization form with pen, calculator and glasses on desk.jpg

Prior Authorization


Schedule Utilization

Dice form the words _plug_ and _play_..jpg

Highly Integratable

Let Gravity Accelerate your Patient Journey

Schedule a demo today. Our highly knowledgeable representatives are standing by, ready to help.  

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