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Meet Your

Digital Workforce For Healthcare

Amid staffing challenges, your AI sidekicks are here to ensure a seamless patient journey in outpatient diagnostic imaging.


Introducing Gravity Platform

Automated Phone, Fax, Text and

Connection to 1200+ Payers at Your Fingertips

A groundbreaking cloud platform engineered to synergize the capabilities of AI powered Automation and human workforces, maximizing productivity and driving unparalleled results.


Empower Your Team With

Our AI Sidekicks

Our powerful and capable AIs are staffed behind the Gravity Platform ready to turbocharge your team’s productivity and transform your operations.


Gravity Docs Sidekick

As your Document Processing Master, I take on the heavy lifting of sorting, indexing & linking incoming faxed documents, while ensuring accuracy. No more paperwork bottlenecks, just seamless workflow efficiency.



Accurate in classfication & indexing documents

90 seconds

Average time to process a document