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Unlock Scheduling Excellence with Gravity Flow & Sandra

Step into the future of healthcare scheduling and embrace a world of efficiency, profitability, and satisfied patients.

Your Inefficiency

Inefficiency is an epidemic sweeping through diagnostic imaging centers, and the usual suspects are to blame: outdated scheduling tools, overwhelmed staff, and the unpredictable chaos of daily operations.



Slots for advanced imaging go unused



Average wait for advanced imaging

Antiquated Arsenal

Stuck in the past with tools that can’t keep pace, you’re missing out on opportunities to optimize schedules,  fill unused slots, and maximize your capacity.

The labor shortage and intensive scheduling demands overwhelm staff and extend training times, hindering efficiency and the facility's capacity for prompt patient service.

Human Hurdle

Unpredictible Operations

Diagnostic imaging is inherently unpredictable. Equipment fails, patients cancel, and the best-laid plans can go awry. Without a system to navigate these turbulent waters, you’re left navigating blind.

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A Brilliant 6-Sigma Consultant,

Paired With A Hardworking Scheduling Agent, Armed With Powerful Automation Of Gravity

Meet Sandra.

Proactive Scheduling

Stay a step ahead of potential scheduling issues. With Sandra's foresight, you can proactively address and resolve disruptions before they ever happen.

Fast Onboarding

Experience rapid and straightforward integration, allowing Sandra to enhance your scheduling efficiency and improve workflow within days.

Patient Communication

Whether it’s rescheduling appointments, providing directions, or giving prep instructions, Sandra ensures improved patient satisfaction and optimized appointment slots, making the most of your facility’s capacity.

Staff Augmentation

Automating routine scheduling tasks, Sandra enhances the productivity of your call center, reducing hold times for patients and allowing live agents to focus on more complex inquiries.

Operational Mishaps

Adept at managing unexpected operational issues, from equipment failures to staff absences, ensuring that your operations run seamlessly and patient appointments are promptly rescheduled.

Team Player

A sidekick to your human workforce while also connecting effortlessly with other AI’s like Gravity Auth’s Susan and Gravity Doc’s Sasha.

Gravity Flow & Sandra Turn Your No-Show Into Cash Flow



Increase in volume with same resources



Reduction in
Wait Times


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