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Automate Prior Authorization with Gravity Auth & Susan

Pioneer the future of diagnostic imaging with Gravity Auth, where peak efficiency meets accelerated patient care, tailored specifically for the unique workflows of imaging centers.

Your Imminent

The prior authorization process is crucial but laden with inefficiencies, stemming from its complexity, outdated tools, and a labor-intensive nature, posing significant challenges to healthcare providers.



Advanced Imaging exams are cancelled, or rescheduled due to delays in prior auth



Average wait for advanced imaging

Outdated Arsenal

Hindered by outdated tools and insufficient analytics, find themselves mired in inefficiency and unprepared for today's healthcare demands, necessitating urgent innovation.

The labor shortage exacerbates the already laborious and intricate prior authorization process for providers, leading to missed opportunities, insurance denials, and critical delays in patient care.

Resource Strain

Navigating a Maze

Crafted to deter fraud, imposes a complex web of hurdles on healthcare providers, delaying patient care and complicating administration.

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An Experienced Prior Auth Pro,

With An Impeccable Memory And Focus, Fueled With Powerful Automation Of Gravity

Meet Susan.

Eligibility Verification

Gravity Auth revolutionizes eligibility verification by swiftly and accurately connecting to over 1,200 payers, enhancing the financial stability of your healthcare practice.

Good Faith Estimates

A robust estimation tool that streamlines fee schedule management and delivers swift, automated patient cost estimates, enhancing workflow efficiency with ease.

Prior Authorization

Gravity Auth stands alone as the market's fully automated prior authorization powerhouse for diagnostic imaging, capable of swiftly discerning requirements, checking statuses, and initiating authorizations at any volume within minutes.

The AI Sidekick

Susan is a unique AI sidekick that transforms anyone into a prior authorization expert by rapidly navigating medical necessity with unparalleled ease.

Request Clinical Notes

A sidekick to your human workforce while also connecting effortlessly with other AI’s like Gravity Flow's Sandra and Gravity Doc’s Sasha.

Team Player

 A sidekick to your human workforce while also connecting effortlessly with other AI’s like Gravity Flow’s Sandra and Gravity Doc’s Sasha.

Gravity Auth & Susan will Stop the Bleed, and Cut 80% of Prior Authorization Cost



Of your volume automated
without human intervention



Reduction in
Wait Times


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