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Automate 50% workload & increase volumes by 10% with Gravity Now. Contact Us

Reduce your cost and increase your volumes to deliver success now.

Max out efficiency with better automation, data, and intelligence. How? With Gravity Automation powered by AI

Increase volumes and lower cost with Gravity


Augment your team with Gravity's digital workforce

Gravity takes over all the routine work so your agents don't have to. Lowering your costs across the whole patient journey

Accelerate your patient journey with advance schedule prediction AI

Gravity sees past the schedule and proactively starts fixing it before it is too late. Increasing scheduling efficiency and volumes

Works with your EMR and Information System

Gravity is designed considering the various challenges around interoperability in healthcare. It can work with any system with automation

Explore the Gravity AI features that accelerate the patient journey 

With Gravity, you boost productivity with automated workflows, grow your patient volumes with predictive AI, and make data-driven decisions to fuel your growth - works with every Health Information System

Eligibility & Estimate

Automatically process eligibility verification and share estimates with patient

Schedule Utilization

Automatically optimize your schedule with powerful predictive algorithms

Prior Authorization

Automatically process prior auths for patient visits on a click of a button.


Get deep insights into operational efficiency of every process in patient journey

Order Intake

Seamless intake of faxed orders into your information system accurately

Artificial Intelligence

Work smart with data driven intelligence that do the work for you.

Grow smart and save more with Gravity Accelerator Edition

Consolidate your tech stack and drive volumes with a single platform where AI and automation come standard. 


Find the option that best fits your needs 


Great for trials. Perfect for practices with 3 or fewer locations.



Grow smarter while reducing cost. Perfect for any size. Let AI do the work for you



Highly custom and integrated option for growing enterprise. An AI solution that fit like a glove. 



Ask about Gravity options, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our highly knowledgeable representatives are standing by, ready to help.  

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