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Reducing Administrative Burden

How Gravity Auth Automates Prior Authorization for Diagnostic Imaging


Prior authorization is a critical step in diagnostic imaging, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate services covered by their insurance. However, the traditional prior authorization process can be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delays in patient care and increased administrative burden for healthcare providers. Gravity Auth is revolutionizing the way diagnostic imaging centers handle prior authorization through AI-powered automation.

The Challenges of Traditional Prior Authorization

The traditional prior authorization process often involves manual data entry, phone calls with hold times, and faxing between healthcare facilities, insurance payors, and referring providers. Staff are forced to navigate through multiple payor portals with different credentials and interfaces, often even for a single exam. This time-consuming process can lead to delays in patient care, increased administrative workload, and potential errors. The amount of repetition performed suggests that this work can and should be completed with AI instead of a human resource.

Introducing Gravity Auth

Gravity Auth is an advanced automation platform designed specifically for outpatient diagnostic imaging centers. It is reducing the burden of prior authorization with AI-powered features like Prior Authorization Submission as a Service, Assisted Prior Authorization Submission, and clinical note comprehension These features streamline the prior authorization process, saving time and reducing errors.

Prior Authorization Submission as a Service (PASS)

Prior Authorization Submissions as a Service is the only service of its kind that automates the entire prior authorization submission process, without manual intervention. Gravity does not use any outsourced or near-sourced labor to perform this service, yet completely automates the process so that staff only have to handle the exceptions that the automation failed to handle. In an event where automation fails, the Assisted Prior Authorization Submission feature flags the submission for further assistance, where a human agent can complete the process.

Assisted Prior Authorization Submission (APAS)

Assisted Prior Authorization Submission, utilizes Robotic Process Automation to simplify the prior authorization process for your agents. With a single click, an agent can initiate the bot, which automates tasks such as logging in to the appropriate portal, locating the patient and referring provider, and selecting the required information in front of them allowing your agents to review the work. The agent only needs to answer clinical questions related to the appointment, while our bots handle the rest cutting the time it takes to submit a prior authorization request by 80% or more.

Clinical Note Comprehension (CNC)

Clinical Note Comprehension leverages artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Understanding to automatically read and analyze clinical progress notes. The system extracts medically relevant information required for prior authorization submissions, presenting it in an easy-to-understand format for agents, streamlining the prior authorization request process. This feature along with Assisted Prior Authorization Submission, further cuts down on the time it takes to submit a prior authorization request.


Gravity Auth is transforming the way diagnostic imaging centers handle prior authorization. By automating the submission process and reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers, Gravity Auth ensures faster approvals, fewer errors, and a more efficient workflow. Experience the benefits of automation and improve your diagnostic imaging center's operations with Gravity Auth.

Experience the efficiency of Gravity Auth's automated prior authorization process.




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