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Join Our Webinar: Harness the Power of AI for Prior Auth SUBMISSIONS!

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Ready to discover a game-changing solution that enhances your workflow and empowers your clinic staff?

Along with Alpha's Shamit Patel and Steve Deaton you will explore:

**AI as Your Assistive Tool**: Discover how APAS (Assisted Prior Authorization Submission) revolutionizes the landscape by placing AI alongside your skilled human staff. This isn't about replacing humans; it's about boosting their capabilities with powerful automation.

**Efficiency in Action**: Explore the hands-on automations and aggregate functions that APAS brings to the table. From streamlining complex data entries to accelerating submissions, witness the real impact on your daily operations.

**Automated Clinical Notes Requests**: Learn about one of APAS's standout features – automatic communication with ordering providers to request clinical notes when needed. Say goodbye to manual follow-ups!

**Interactive Demo**: See APAS in action with a live interactive demonstration. Walk through its features and experience how it seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

**Expert Insights**: Hear from our experts about the significance of human-AI collaboration in healthcare and how APAS is reshaping the future of prior authorizations.

**Exclusive Q&A**: Have burning questions? Get them answered in our live Q&A session and gain deeper insights into how APAS can fit your clinic's needs.

Date: September, 7

Time: 3pm EST

Platform: ZOOM

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the synergy of AI and human expertise. Elevate your clinic's potential and reimagine the way you handle prior authorizations.

Let's pave the way to a more efficient, empowered, and seamless healthcare future with APAS! #APASWebinar #AIinHealthcare #EfficiencyUnleashed




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