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Join Our Webinar: Harness the Power of AI for Prior Auth SUBMISSIONS!

Ready to discover a game-changing solution that enhances your workflow and empowers your clinic staff?

Along with Alpha's Shamit Patel and Steve Deaton you will explore:

**AI as Your Assistive Tool**: Discover how APAS (Assisted Prior Authorization Submission) revolutionizes the landscape by placing AI alongside your skilled human staff. This isn't about replacing humans; it's about boosting their capabilities with powerful automation.

**Efficiency in Action**: Explore the hands-on automations and aggregate functions that APAS brings to the table. From streamlining complex data entries to accelerating submissions, witness the real impact on your daily operations.

**Automated Clinical Notes Requests**: Learn about one of APAS's standout features – automatic communication with ordering providers to request clinical notes when needed. Say goodbye to manual follow-ups!

**Interactive Demo**: See APAS in action with a live interactive demonstration. Walk through its features and experience how it seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

**Expert Insights**: Hear from our experts about the significance of human-AI collaboration in healthcare and how APAS is reshaping the future of prior authorizations.

**Exclusive Q&A**: Have burning questions? Get them answered in our live Q&A session and gain deeper insights into how APAS can fit your clinic's needs.

Date: September, 7

Time: 3pm EST

Platform: ZOOM

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the synergy of AI and human expertise. Elevate your clinic's potential and reimagine the way you handle prior authorizations.

**Register HERE**

Let's pave the way to a more efficient, empowered, and seamless healthcare future with APAS! #APASWebinar #AIinHealthcare #EfficiencyUnleashed

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