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Posting Date:

9 Sept 2022

Embedded Software Engineer



Work Location:

Sunrise, FL

Job Type:


About the Role

Design and develop firmware for wireless devices. Develop Embedded C firmware using open source GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) tool chain for Linux and ARM based platform. Use understanding of BLE/Wi-Fi lower layer stack development, embedded driver development, and communication protocols (UART, I2C, SPI) to establish wireless sensor network. Enable device Wi-Fi on-boarding over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Analyze sensor data and implement machine learning models to improve the accuracy of the Real Time Location Sensing system. Analyze operation performance data to elevate meaningful insights and recommend strategic plans in collaboration with customer’s Operational Manager. Conduct in-depth analysis to understand operation workflow and processes. Collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and visualize data to provide meaningful insights and improve operational efficiency. Design and create insightful automated dashboards and data visualization to track operations and recommend actionable insights. Architect and structure data in PostgreSQL database and develop various real time and historic dashboards and visualization tools on Tableau. Design and develop monitoring services to debug and maintain system operations. Develop and optimize monitoring services to debug and maintain the sensor network in real time. Improve the service latency and scalability to support the exponential rise in the sensors in the system. Test and debug firmware to prevent bugs and issues going into production. Develop report and update firmware specification documentation. Use of Embedded Linux, Embedded C, C++, JavaScript, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Tableau, SQL, MQTT, JSON, GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, SPI, I2C, UART, and PostgreSQL.


This position requires a Master’s degree or foreign academic equivalent in Compute Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, or a related field. Plus 6 months ofexperience in the job offered or 6 months in a related occupation including Technical Associate orrelated experience. Position requires 6 months of experience with Embedded C and C++. 40hrs/week.

To APPLY, please MAIL resume to referenced address, ensuring to indicate the job code (Ref# ESE811AT) for which you are applying. Mail to: Alpha Nodus, Inc., Attn: Jay Patel, 1351 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy., Suite 104, Sunrise, FL 33323.

Application Instructions

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